Why Watching MMA Strips Human Dignity

Sometimes the forms of entertainment we choose to watch raise important moral questions. In this video, Fr. Mike puts the sport of mixed martial arts on trial for its glorification of unnecessary violence. He distinguishes between the ability to defend yourself and forcing someone into submission through physical strength. Drawing from Christ’s example of meekness, Fr. Mike explains how martial arts as a discipline can be noble while mixed martial arts as entertainment is not.

  • Michael Lewis

    Fr. Mike. Thank you for speaking the truth. As a twenty something male catholic, we’re often told avoid lust at all costs but violence and fighting and watching people beat the crap out of each other is somehow manly and okay. I love the Augustine quote reminding us we need to have respect for ALL aspects of human dignity, we can’t just pick and choose.

  • M. Daigle

    Hey Padre, really enjoyed the video. You made me dig deep on this one, as I am an avid Olympic-freestyle and folkstyle wrestler who, as of late as, enjoyed watching MMA. The brutality of the sport was not lost on me in any way, and I did enjoy watching the KO’s and submissions that MMA inevitably brings. I told myself after watching the video that the whole point of MMA as a sport was to pit fighting style against fighting style (i.e. BJJ v. boxing, wrestling v. Muy Thai, etc.). But I then realized that, as with professional(not amateur)boxing, MMA isn’t as much a sport as it is a spectacle designed to capitalize off of bloodlust and greed, and not truly done to glorify God’s name. Brazillian Ji-Jitsu, Muy Thai, Wrestling, Boxing, Judo, etc. are disciplined art forms that are seperate for a reason, and just as I would consider it an abomination if I were to step on to a mat and see a boxer across from me, MMA is a sinful pursuit, because it take none of the discipline that other martial arts require to fight in that manner. As a Catholic, it is my firm belief that God only wants us to seek and pursue that which is true and beautiful. MMA is not true as a martial art, and in that manner it is not beautiful. Thanks again for opening my eyes up to this subject, Father Mike.

  • Daniel Patrick

    Weren’t gladiators made to or forced to fight for the most part? MMA folks aren’t. I don’t see much difference between MMA and the Olympic sports of boxing, judo, karate and wrestling. In all of them the object is to win a battle within the rules of the sport. I enjoy your videos but think you are way off on this one because of the poor comparison to gladiators.

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