What Defines You?

Whether it’s our reputation as the smartest person in the class or office or a signature beard that makes us look like Chuck Norris, we all have something distinct that helps define us. In the end​,​ though, when everything else fades away, there’s only one part of our identity that matters. Find out what part that is in this video, in which Fr. Mike uses his beard to make a razor-sharp point. Yes … his beard.


  • Karleen

    You make me laugh, Father Mike! I think I get your point, though. We have to know, deep in our souls, who we are as children of God. And we know that by how we choose to say, “yes” to Him every day in little things AND big things. Thank you for your “yeses” to God! You are a blessing to us all! ♡

  • grandmaperla

    Fr. Mike, I love the way you give lessons for our souls with life’s ordinary routines, or happenings. With humor, and humility you bring us to God. Thank you. Bless you!

  • roniquebreauxjordan

    ..sharing with these guys..

  • Joyce Roy

    Thanks, was wonderful. Such a simple way of teaching. Love Father Mike’s videos. Thank you so much.

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