That’s Offensive!

The more we live in the truth, the harder it will be for others to offend us, because false statements about us won’t bother us and true ones won’t be hidden from us. In this video, Fr. Mike lays out why, as Catholic Christians, we are called to be both unoffensive and “unoffendable,” and explains how we can do that.

  • Beverly

    awesome !!! choices, choices, choices….sometimes so hard…but you are so right…don’t be offended by who you really are

  • Lorraine Ciuba

    OPENED my eyes!

  • Nah Yeah

    Priest funny is the best kind of funny.

  • Theresa Leland

    I love listening to your videos but noticed the picture of Mary behind you. It’s so beautiful! Where can I get the picture?

  • Catherine Olivier

    Yes you are priest funny – I love it! I do think maturity plays a large part in learning to not be offended. Thank you for sharing your insight.

  • Freda

    This is a great book – Unoffendable by Brant Hansen.

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