Prepare to Die!

Don’t worry, Fr. Mike isn’t hunting you down. He’s just offering some advice for our spiritual journey. When we’re caught up in life, it’s easy to forget that it’s going to end someday. So, will you be prepared? Fr. Mike suggests that we use Lent as a preparation for death, embracing it as a time to let go of earthly concerns and desires so that we can die to ourselves. If we do this, Christ will certainly lead us to resurrection.

  • Lana Ulrich

    Good point. Although I have not done this exercise to the degree suggested, I am glad I have been doing this for some time.

  • Tara McDonald Ortiz


  • Tara McDonald Ortiz

    I hope Father Mike continues videos during the year … big fan of his : )

  • Christy Read

    When I went to my 20 year high school reunion I wore that line as my name tag, Hello my name is etc, etc,. It caused some giggles for the few who managed to show up,( it was at peak recession time in an undesirable destination ). it true end out my life changed I stayed put , grew in religious education and had to deal with letting go of many things I had and loved. I still struggle with this decision soetimes. I know it sounds terrible but I believe God wanted me to toughen up, as many personal travesties has since been thrown my way. One thing is for sure I want to live but I am prepared to die, I just hope I that I can continue to be what God wants to be rather than what everyone seems to expect me to want to be. I visited my best friends grave sight today, and I know she is now at peace, but the world seem to ask just more than we could give and she is gone too soon. I confess without her to talk to I felt beyond crushed. I felt I failed my friend, I shared everything I knew too in growing in faith, yet it was not enough. All I know is I really appreciate these videos, I just wish more people understood how precious our gift of life is.

  • Diane

    To live purposely !!!!!!! Wow 3 simple words, yet so powerful and life altering. Thank you Fr. Mike for your insight words, that are priceless. I look forward to more of your words of wisdom, that I can apply to my day to day life. GOD BLESS

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