Learning to be Alone

Being alone isn’t supposed to be scary. In this video, Fr. Mike Schmitz shows us how solitude can be an invitation and doesn’t have to lead to loneliness. God himself has revealed to us how he is a relationship of love between Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Made in his image, we are also made for relationship—with God and with one another. When we feel alone, it is because we were made to give ourselves to others as God gives himself to us.


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  • Jacqueline Fitzgerald

    Fr. Mike, I simply loved you touched on this. I rather endure upon solitude, yet it is most certainly learned to enjoy all aspects of soul self. It is interesting that in the word alone we see al “ONE” To be alone is to be one with self, and when we are one with self, we see that we are all one in the likeness of God. One within the I AM. There is much the soul can endure in alone. I think I struggle more with the opposite. The world is ever so big and I like my quiet solitude, sometimes it’s hard to enjoy the noise of the world, even though I know there is such beauty in this too. Always you give to perspective of thought … My family loves your thoughts. Thank you for sharing and touching hearts. Enduring Light and Prayers to you. God Bless!

  • Christy Read

    Finally , my loner Catholic rebel lifestyle is justified….as well as turning off devices. It is hard to turn off EWTN….so much darn good programming.

  • semperidem

    If it’s not too much an invasion of privacy I wonder if Fr. Mike could do a talk on what his daily spiritual exercises are like. The Lord clearly has some special graces set aside just for him, but the rest of us would really be helped knowing what he does to sustain a life of such fearless holiness.

  • Julie

    First comes Forbearance for an intention. Then, comes solidarity with Christ on the cross. Then comes surrender to caring for all of creation with His love limited to our individual abilities and circumstances. It’s the willingness to correspond to Him that leads a lonely heart to be at peace with His will and walk by faith rather than by sight.

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