God Doesn’t Owe You Anything

​When we’re going through hard times, it’s easy to think we deserve better from God. In this video, Fr. Mike uses a compelling story from the book of Daniel to exemplify the challenging but proper response to adversity. As tough as it may be, finding a way to thank God no matter the situation is a sure way to holiness.

Fr. Mike’s videos are also available as podcasts here.

  • Shadow

    I thank God everyday for all the beautiful gifts he has given me and ask that he protect us again today and help us all to get our souls right with him.
    I have not always done this nor I always move forward without complaint but still trying to get it right. I read when he is pulling you closer to his cross & him when we suffer, Padre Pio, tells us to live joyfully, not worry, trust God.

  • Ingrid DeCarlow

    I am somewhat confused by the idea that God knows us nothing. As a parent I consider that I have an obligation to the children I brought into the world. I owe them certain worldly things such as basic care and food, as a Catholic I owe them a Catholic upbringing as well. The statement that “I am my brothers keeper” assumes that i even owe my brother something. Doesn’t God owe us something? According to the Church we are in a covenant with God, doesn’t the idea of a Covenant imply both sides have a certain obligation as regards the other?

    • teresa24

      God is our creator so no he doesn’t owe us anything. He “gives” us everything though. This is how I understand it. I guess this response/thought is something to be developed further I guess. Just my initial gut response though. I honestly don’t understand how we can think that God, our creator, “owes” us something. As in like he’s doing us a favor? It somehow makes me think of that. I do understand your comment ( I think) that we ( I do) look “to” God to provide us with our basic needs. We expect it right? I think what the video does is point out ( I’ve read the same viewpoint long before I came to see it Maria Vadia’s book, Jesus Man of War: His Victory For Those Who Praise Him) that when we’re faced with situations that we don’t understand ( pain, shame, no rational answer in sight, etc.. etc…) is that by praising him we are acknowledging that GOD IS IN CONTROL ( caps for emphasis only here okay). To be honest, my gut reaction when I saw the sentence God owes us nothing made me feel a bit insecure, buuuuut, at the same time, I don’t think He does. It doesn’t throw me off my feet because I know that He “gives” us everything. We’re dependent on Him for our very physical breath and so many other things, even those that come “through” our own efforts. Okay have to go. Sorry for the digression here. Tends to happen. God bless.

    • Tom Hrit

      I’ve often thought that what God owes us is a fuller, richer awareness of God that we can have the honor of knowing, and fulfill the privilege, of praising God. We are ‘entitled’ to know and worship and love our Creator. To deny us that is, in a deeply painful way, is disownership.

    • Todd Thomas

      As I have learned, God doesn’t owe us anything, because He has given us everything.

  • Elena Mraz

    Fr Mike – you are the greatest – thank you

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