Do Catholics Worship Saints?

Fr. Mike Schmitz wants to straighten out some confusion regarding Catholics’ veneration of saints. In this video he explains how—far from being icons to worship—statues and paintings of the saints are reminders of what God can do in someone’s life, so honoring the saints doesn’t take away from the glory we give God. It actually brings him greater glory.

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  • Terry Wagner

    Fr. Mike
    i want to thank you for your talk on the prayer to the saints thing. I am not a catholic but i was raised in a protestant
    denomination and heard all of what you covered in this talk. You did a very good job of explaining and have put my mind at ease of this. It does make sense to me and helps me reunite again with the great cloud of witnesses. i am in a season maybe it should be called a new place in life where I am trying to reconnect to the body that we have disconnected with through isolation and bad teaching. I want to honor the rest of the body of Christ, from Christ the head to all the disciples that have formed the body throughout the last 2000 years. Honor should be the conjoining element.
    this teaching has really helped me to take a really big step.

    Thank you

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