Caffeinated Conversations with Fr. Mike Schmitz

In honor of Ascension Presents’ one-year anniversary, Fr. Mike Schmitz and Ascension Presents producer Maria Mitchell join forces for their first Caffeinated Conversation together. They discuss how Fr. Mike converted from drinking caramel machiattos to drinking his coffee black (like his clothes). Also revealed is a surprising story about how Fr. Mike almost ended up in Hollywood but instead answered the call of the heavenly Director, changing many lives as a result.

  • Jacqueline Fitzgerald

    I simply loved this… however it was my 13 year old who told me Fr. Mike was on Caffeinated, and was once upon a time going to be Robin… he’s even a bigger fan now. Fr. Mike has become a name in our home, to that we all smile and warm to. Thank you Ascension … and Fr Mike for the divine presence. ~

    • Ascension Presents

      So glad to hear it, Jacqueline! Hope we can continue to provide content for your family! May God bless you!

  • janelle

    I like a little coffee in my milk—–LOL

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