#ASKFRMIKE: Confirmation Sponsors & Female Priests

In this video, Fr. Mike Schmitz answers questions about the Catholic Faith from his audience, as he’s known to do from time to time. In his first answer, he offers a few practical ways to be a truly helpful confirmation sponsor. Then, he reaches back to the time of Moses to explain the roots of the male priesthood. As always, his answers are both informative and engaging.

For a great program on the sacrament of confirmation, visit http://confirmationstudy.com.

  • Doug Heckler

    I have never heard the explanation for the priesthood quite like this before. Thank you Fr Mike for another helpful insight.

  • PowerCorrupts

    Fr. Mike–A nice try but your bucket is full of holes. I would submit that the Church doesn’t have very many “dads” anymore to begin with, and how about if we substitute the word “parent” for “father”? Lots of people can be parents to those in the pews and the Church, by not recognizing and accepting the gifts that women have, is missing out on half of what humanity has to offer. Maybe we needed a pack leader back in the day when we were desert nomads but times have changed. Lifespans lengthened. Dependence on physical strength diminished. The level of education grew. We need both male and female reasoning and actions in the Church today.

    • Cory29

      Except that we can’t substitute the word parent because a parent is either a Mom or a Dad. There are no neuters.
      And it’s got nothing to do with being pack leaders or such.

  • Sister Mary Eucharista, SMMC

    You are the first person I have heard say that about having sisters visibly in parishes, thus making the female priest idea a moot point. Thank you, Father!

  • Christy Read

    Always perfect timing! I was giving my mom a bit of a hard time just 10 minutes ago on this subject, she is my nephew’s sponsor…..he and my entire sisters family are in name only, too busy for Mass style, I had hoped since I am on fire that he would have chosen me, but alas, I did not get the job. I do my best in schooling my niece as she seems to enjoy learning what they miss out on. She is only 8 now, and I hope that by the time she is ready maybe I will get the privilege. Please pray for my mother and sisters family, as well as my brother….who sadly didn’t baptize my nephew at birth….but 7 years of prayer and the choice of Catholic School………my young nephew desired his baptism and received it last year. He will make his first communion next month?✌⛪️??

  • AzMegan

    Awesome, Father Mike…finally, putting it as it is and always was! God bless you Fr Mike for speaking the truth! It’s never been explained so easily. You have our back! Yep! From a cradle Catholic….yay!

  • Melissa Utte

    This was such a great explanation of males as priests. I love our Catholic Church, which is the ONLY religion that so values the contributions of Mary, female saints, and religious sisters!

  • Monica Peterson Benninghoff

    I see the sense of men as the “father” … but isn’t the Church, as the Bride of Christ, the “mother?” Or at the very least the mother is OUR Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of Christ, whom he gave to us on the cross? I have a really hard time seeing nuns as “mothers” … perhaps because they were teachers in my youth, and some were down right mean with rulers. Perhaps I just never met a motherly nun…. 🙂

  • Joselyn

    The Lord created us equal in love yet with different responsibilities. Women as mothers bring forth life in their womb and Men as priests ( who came from woman ) bring forth the sacraments that sustain our journey in this life and together they balance one another out. Women may also choose to live a religious life while men enter the sacrament of matrimony and bring forth families with God as the foundation. There is a role for everyone. A path God has for us all. If we just opened our hearts and understood we are all loved EQUALLY and created with EQUAL amount of love. Lets start looking at all the gifts, graces, virtues, mercy and love our Lord provides for us. Sometimes as flawed human beings that we are, there is an attempt to create a ‘problem’ where one doesn’t exist. Let us appreciate of the beauty of life. Thank you Father!

  • Sheila Dierks

    Interesting video. Claiming historicity as the basis for priesthood is one piece of the understanding of ordination. History might well also need to include that there is liturgical evidence that women were ordained at least as deacons, with documents of their ordination liturgies, up until the 11th Century. The diaconate is one of the major orders currently restricted by gender, though perhaps, not forever, as Pope Francis has indicated. In fact, another perspective, and one that can be currently documented, is the inquiry that male candidates undergo, in which by past life history and deeply examined experience, the understanding of Call can be explored between a candidate and a spiritual director or parish or academic group of concerned and loving Catholics. Theresa of Avila believed she was called. Many women in this time, in this generation, believe they are called. “Call” can be understood as the direct, non-mediated invitation of the Divine (who in fact is neither male nor female) to join in the sacramental service to the people. Many are called… and many, because of their gender, are not chosen. Is it possible for the Divine to invite women to serve as priests? Of course, it is. And it is going on now. We continue to imperil the people when when we are unwilling to explore without bias, the felt experience of being called into the service of the children of God. The question is, as we know, developing… as are our tentative and hopeful responses.

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