Are All Catholics Hypocrites?

Sometimes we’re not everything we wish we could be. At times all we can do is act as if we believe, because we’re just not up to truly putting our faith in God​ at that moment​. In this video, Fr. Mike explains why, in a sense, it’s ​OK to be a ​​“hypocrite” at those times. It’s ​OK to act like a person who​ believes​​ even when we feel ​like ​we don’t. Otherwise, we ​might think “​being honest” and ​acting like we don’t believe is better​—​even when we really do believe and are just going through ​a ​tough time.

  • Jacqueline Fitzgerald

    Thank you for always leading us to higher perspective , thought and truth. Your rather crazy wonderful in your sense of humour … you give heart, soul and a deep smile with a laugh. That certainly brightens all of our days. I know I speak for my family and many. God Bless you and Ascension Presents for posting these videos. You make the world a better place to exist in. Enduring light and prayers to you. ~

  • Yvonne Styer

    Father, I truly needed to hear this. I have been so discouraged, about this very thing, that I have actually fallen away from going to Mass because of fear of being a hypocrite! You just answered my prayers. Thank you for letting me know that it’s ok if I just go because I am supposed to. Thank you for letting me know that as long as I believe that it’s ok to just try even when we don’t “feel” like it, we are not being a hypocrite, but are doing what is right. Thank you for being encouraging! May God continue to bless and keep you ~

  • Love your explanations and sense of humor! Now, it gives me strength to defend one when I hear people calling others a hypocrite! Thank you!

  • Linda Ann Brockel

    Thank you for letting God use you to spread His Divine Will. And for helping me to find the words to figure out how to live His will in my life.

  • Elena M. Cambio

    Not a moron! Just human. 🙂

    Most of us are exactly as you say, just human, striving but not always hitting the mark. As St. Paul says, “For I do not do the good I want to do, but the evil I do not want to do–this I keep on doing” Rom 7:19. But we are still running the race!

    However, there are also those who call themselves Christian, but who treat other people very poorly, with disrespect and sometimes outright contempt. Judging others around them, they have procured a reputation for all of us that we are in fact all hypocrites, and that reputation is a popular one among certain segments of non-Christians and atheists. “The evil Catholic church is responsible for so much suffering in the world…” is one I’ve heard, and also “They (all Christians) are judgmental and narrow minded.”

    This is tough stuff to deal with, yet we are called to engage and demonstrate who we are as followers of Christ, responding in humility and love, even when we are confronted with such bigotry. And yes, we can remind them that Christian or not, we are all human, none of us perfect, though as Christians, we do our best to love God and all people, and we pray for God’s grace to exercise our freedom to do what we ought. But when confronted… it isn’t always easy to remain humble and loving. That, too, is a call to act in a loving way, even if I’m not feelin’ it!

  • Em

    Thank you! I love starting off my weeks with these! I have friends and family members who struggle with belief. The last few years, they have analyzed their faith (or been persuaded strongly by external factors) that they don’t believe that they believe anymore (or believe that they possibly never did?). They have expressed to me that they don’t want to be a hypocrite, so because they don’t/can’t believe, they don’t want to come to church and look like they do believe. I honor this respect for the Church and the Eucharist to be careful if you truly believe you do not believe, but I’m lost at suggestion when they express that attending church is no longer part of their week. Any advice?

  • Spiritual battle of today

    i’am not hypocrite, but the people leading the youth group at my church defend Abortion and abominations, i’m really dissapointed!

  • Karleen

    You are NOT a moron! You are a cornball! LOL! Thank you once again for your wisdom. ♡

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