4 Reasons for Fasting

Why do we fast? Fr. Mike explains that it’s not about getting more love and attention from God. Fasting is about self-mastery, discernment, sacrifice, and being a co-redeemer with Jesus. In this video, Fr. Mike dives deeper into these four reasons, helping you make the most of your fasting this Lent.

  • Ruthie Guidry

    Enlightening! Thank you Fr. Mike for teaching us. God bless you!

  • Ruthie Guidry

    Fr. Mike, one more thing. You say hangry And hard core Catholic just as I do. I am in Louisiana and you are wherever, coincidence? I Say no. I don’t believe in coincidence. You are a fine young man. I know we are all inter connected being in the mystical body of the Christ, The Church. But, you and I are CONNECTED! I feel you appeal to the young Catholics, but since the soul doesn’t age, I feel the age of whomever I am with. I am 5 when I am with my granddaughters, 25 when I am with my daughter, in my thirties when I am with my hard core Catholic son, and 80 when I am with my parents. Peace be with you. You appeal to me. I love your excitement! When I see and listen to you, I feel no age just joy! God Bless you to continue Opus Dei.

  • Who knew?! I’ve been a Catholic all my life and I ALWAYS learn something new from your videos, Fr. Mike! I pass them along to my young adult kids – – they love your perspective on our faith. So thankful for the work you do – – God bless you!

  • Michelle Serino

    At the end of the day on Ash Wednesday, I was thinking about how I really don’t like fasting – it’s one of my least favorite forms of worship. But, of course, I did it anyway. When I have fasted in the past, I would bring to mind the self-denial and appreciation aspects, but I never thought much about the other reasons. You explained fasting in a very thorough and deep way that has changed how I view it, and I will definitely refer back to this video. The point that especially resonates with me is the one you made regarding the alarm clock and snooze button. That’s been a long and difficult struggle for me, and having this new perspective, I believe, will help me. I normally don’t take the time to comment on things, but this video was too excellent not to. I appreciate your wise perspective and your humble service. Thank you, Father!

  • john francis, a disciple

    Fr. Mike, I am really pleased with your teaching methods, having gone through El. Ed. long ago. You show and teach us is truly gifted, and ultimately WE are ‘built up’ into the Body

  • Joselyn

    Very informative Father Mike. I will not hit the snooze button tomorrow morning! I will offer it as a sacrifice in union with the cross of Jesus. God Bless you and your teaching rocks! clear and concise.

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