4 Reasons for Almsgiving

Fr. Mike Schmitz encourages us to be charitable this Lent, emphasizing how almsgiving is a foundational part of living the Faith. In being joyful givers, we imitate Christ, who became poor for our sake, and we show our gratitude for God’s grace. These are just a few of the reasons Fr. Mike offers in this video as to why we should exercise almsgiving according to our means.


  • Christy Read

    So glad he pointed out time and presence as giving……it is basically the way I serve all year long….it really is the best I can do. I make time for those who actually need and want my help, whatever it is that I CAN do……because one thing is for sure I am always broke as a joke but severely blessed…..I got 4 Catholic Churches within 3 miles of each other and 24 hours of adoration available, Circle of prayer group in daily need with requests and all senior citizen neighbors with a convalescent center and assisted living as next door neighbors, there is no shortage of someone in need every five minutes. time and presence means a lot here.

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