Mindfulness in Ministry: An Interview with Dr. Greg Bottaro 3

This episode is Part 1 of our interview with Catholic Psychologist Dr. Greg Bottaro. In this segment, Dr. Greg discusses how those in Catholic ministry can approach their work with full presence of mind and a healthy perspective. He also shares tips for evangelization from a psychologist’s point of view.

You can find Dr. Greg’s Catholic Mindfulness course here. 


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  • Maureen O’Connell

    I’m so glad you interviewed Dr. Greg! What a fun show. You guys are hilarious! I have taken Dr. Greg’s Catholic Mindfulness course and recently led a group at church through it. It is life-changing. Truly, the best fusion of sound psychology and solid Catholic spirituality you can find. Yes the 8 week course is a big time commitment– but it’s SO worth it. This interview gave me so much to ponder in my own work as a therapist and ministry leader at church. I look forward to hearing interview #2! God bless your ministry.

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